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Chéri Vausé taught theology for 25 years. Ready to retire after her children built their own lives, writing just fit. It was something she truly adored. Having written scholarly pieces in theology, homilies, editorials, and poetry, the movement to novel writing was quite a challenge. Being the independent sort, she has spent the last year writing short stories and novelettes.

Vausé lives on a small ranch with her husband, and Mulder, who we think is a dog and half bear, plus three ducks: Samantha, Krycek, and Mr. Fowley.




Inside the Spy Thriller


Days before Operation Dagger Point becomes operational,
January 9, 1943, somewhere in Eastern Europe...


A kind of hushed chill pervaded the air around the portly
Russian, hunched amid the baronial trappings of tapestries,
metal armor, statuary, and ancient weapons displayed in
every corner, suspended from the stone walls, and primed
for effect on thickly carved Stygian furniture, set prominently
in the entrance to the fairytale castle, as if the mysterious
man who summoned him to the place meant to use the
magical images of Valkyries, the mystical Christlike Parsifal,
and the dizzying heights of the stone ribbed ceiling to
convince the NKGB officer of the aristocrat's preeminence,
and of his magnificently inhuman but divine character.

Yet, the man floating across the black and white marble
floor toward him was not some massive towering dark angel
risen from the dead to do battle. There was no lightning
issuing from his eyes, nor thunderbolts in his steps. The man
was average, ordinary, a plain unassuming man, although
elegantly dressed and aristocratic in his stride. It must have
been the stories surrounding the secretive man, all the
sententious whispers that caused the Russian to conjure up
in his mind a huge conductor, a puppet master that cast
enormous shadows wherever he went.

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NO TRACE, available at AMAZON, KOBO, and APPLE. It's an anthology about missing persons. Sacred Harp, by Cheri Vause, is the story of an attorney searching for a missing girl, but discovers how his own prejudices are damaging.

BOULD Awards: 2019 Edition has exactly what the title says, everything from the outrageous and bizarre to great little mysteries. The truly bizarre tale, ZERO-SUM is by Cheri Vause

A Silver Falchion Award Nominee: 

DAY OF THE DARK: Stories of Eclipse: An Anthology of dark tales. Black Monday, by Chéri Vausé, delivers a punch to the gut on one insane afternoon during a solar eclipse. Just nominated for a Silver Falchion Award!

The Garden of Souls, filled with action and adventure, Indiana Jones style. Two friends unearth a map to the burial cave of the most famous biblical characters in history, but they must secure what they find within the cave before antiquity thieves catch-up with the intrepid archaeologists.



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Writing is, and has always been, an act of rebellion against complacency, unchallenged lies, and masks we wear out of fear or lack of knowledge. Sometimes we have to climb into the ring of ideas and fight our way out when no one wants to hear the truth. And, at times, we must take the gloves off and make it a bare-knuckle fight. How can the truth survive, how can we continue unless we fight for it, give it air to breathe, and feed it, to stand on the mountain top and proclaim it, or in the gutter with the dirt and filth?


Feelings are not truth. Feelings love to lie, and they aren't capable of being hard when it's necessary.


Truth is objective. Never subjective. And, it can be proved. Lies shout, they carry signs with vicious words,  burn buildings down, and preach violence and hatred toward those who disagree. And lies fight dirty by trying to destroy those who believe something different.


Truth is not trendy. It doesn't long for photo ops with politicians or children. Truth doesn't intrude itself in vain award ceremonies with hyperbole spoken against someone. Truth doesn't seek power. It stands alone, and will live on while other works born in lies die.

Truth IS! Share it!

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